I became a recording artist at Constantine Records; was nominated for seven International Red Carpet Music Awards; and became a member of the 66 Kix Tour 2023 all in about year. 

But there’s a story behind all this. I took off nearly 40 years of performing to help raise seven kids prior to all this. 

I was born in a small town in Indiana in 1960. The career options for a guy like me back then were a bit limited. My choices included working on a farm, working in a factory, or joining the military. I chose the unconventional: I got married and then I went to college at Indiana State University. 

The whole time while I was studying, I was working several jobs at a time, and raising kids, I kept the guitar handy. I even tried my luck in Nashville a couple of times when I was younger, but I was not quite what they were looking for at the time. Betcha never heard that before!

I continued to help raise seven kids while mostly working two jobs at a time. One of them was always as a radio and tv broadcaster. The music was mostly a side hustle back then playing a gig or two but mostly hosting open mic and songwriter nights at the clubs in Springfield, Illinois while I was working as a DJ at WFMB-FM. 

In early 2022, I put some songs up on YouTube for kids for the time when I would eventually pass. Wouldn’t you know? A record company put some of those stripped-down old songs out on the market.  I was as surprised as anyone when folks started buying them.

This led to performing at higher end venues and doing more stage shows as well as the Oklahoma State Fair. I also wanted to play some smaller venues, so I agreed to play a few times at our local farmers market in Bartlesville, OK. I will always agree to that one because the audiences are so fun.

I have been busy lately with the concerts, my radio gigs at Bartlesville Radio and helping out my old stations in Bloomington, Illinois, I have recorded a fully produced album in Nashville, TN at Hilltop Studio, and now I am hitting the road with the 66 Kicks Tour.  I have also been nominated for seven International Red Carpet Music Awards to be held in Holland in August of 2023. We'll see what the future hold, but for now, I am just having a ball and you are invited to share ride!


The International Red Carpet Awards in Holland Have Nominated Me for Several Awards in a Variety of Categories:

Modern Country Original - Male “Feel the Rumble”
Country Song of the Year Original - Male “Feel the Rumble”
Best Song of the Year All Genre Original – Male “London Fog”
Best Vocal All Genre - Male “Long Distance”
Americana Original Song- Male “Long Distance”
Pop Original Song - Male “London Fog”
Most Appreciated Songwriter of the Year - Male

ICMA DJ of the Year 1990,91, 92, 93, 94 and 95



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