Tom Davis to Appear in a Movie!

The Last Rodeo

The film stars Neal McDonough (BAND OF BROTHERS, SUITS, YELLOWSTONE), Mykleti Williams (FORREST GUMP, FENCES, HEAT) and Christopher McDonald (HACKS, QUIZ SHOW, THELMA & LOUISE)

THE LAST RODEO is a family film about Joe Cartwright, a former professional bull rider who is pushing 50. When he is faced with a dire emergency for his grandson Cody, he realizes he has to ride one more time. His headstrong daughter Sally has always had a fraught relationship with Joe. The idea of her dad risking his life to save her son is a choice no woman would envy. And Joe’s willingness to potentially make the ultimate sacrifice for his family, forces him to confront his own demons, beliefs and faith.

The film is directed by Jon Avnet, director of such projects as FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, JUSTIFIED, THE STARTER WIFE and BOOMTOWN, and producer of such projects as BLACK SWAN, SNEAKY PETE, RISKY BUSINESS and many more.

The project is one of the several upcoming movies produced by Angel Studios.

Tom will appear from time to time breifly in the movie as a character actor.

Recordings and the Road

They Waited in Line at THE SOUNDPONY in Tulsa 

Lots of folks rode their bikes to the Tulsa May Fest just a block away so they wouldn't have to worry about parking a car.  The show started at 6pm but they were there at 5! Thanks, Joshua, and all at THE SOPUNDPONY 409 N. Main in Tulsa, OK.

Tom Davis Earns International Red Carpet Music Award for "Long Distance, Give Me Heaven" 

August 21, 2023 (The Netherlands) - Constantine Records in Bartlesville, OK congratulates Tom Davis of Bartlesville for earning International Red Carpet Music Award for Independent Artists at their show in Holland last Saturday.

"I did not want to say anything until I got official confirmation--which came in this morning," said Tom Davis. "I was nominated in seven categories and won for Best Original Song in the Americana genre for Long Distance, Give Me Heaven. 

Tom recently  got back into writing and performing music after helping raise seven kids.  

Check out Tom's Fall Schedule with more dates being added 

Tom Scores 7 International Red Carpet Music Award Nominations! 

The International Red-Carpet Awards for Independent Artists is August 2023, in Holland. I will be performing here in the USA at that time and won't be able to attend or perform on the TV Show there this year. However, I will be near a phone and a computer to Skype-in, if need be, during the international broadcast.

I don't know how good my chances are at winning anything at this show, but I am very humbled just to be nominated…SEVEN TIMES.

66 Kix Tour: Behind the Scenes of the Documentary  

On Saturday, February 24, 2023, several of the performers on the 66 Kix Tour were taken to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a photo shoot and some filming for the tour's documentary.

Tour producer Sam Sibala brought performers Elzie Hickerson, Joesf Glaude, Andrea Easton Esparza, Matt Damon, Becky Sparkman, Nova Sharp and yours truly to The Mother Road Market on 11th Street (Route 66) in Tulsa for some photos at the big Route 66 mural on the building. 

We packed up and moved to the Pearl District on Route 66 for some shots at a great little vinyl record shop called Josey's. Several shots of the artist were taken as we looked over some classic albums that helped us for our individual music styles.

Our little caravan then stopped at Tally's on Route 66 for some lunch and few tunes provided by Matt Damon.

We ended the day at Davis Ward's Studio 66 where we participated in interviews and played our original songs on film for the tour's documentary.

I am only allowed to show you a few photos--the rest will have to wait for later!


The Mother Road Market

L-R" Matt Damon, Becky Sparks, Andrea Easton Esparza, Tom Davis, Elzie Hickerson, Nova Sharp, Joesf Glaude

Davis Ward's US STUDIO 66

Sam and the Camera Crew

Tom Davis

Becky Sparkman

From Tulsa's Pearl District

Tom's New Album "SIXTY-TWO" Is Now Available! 

"SIXTY-TWO" is now available worldwide and at on this website!

These songs were recorded and produced at Hilltop Studio in Nashville, TN by Adam Knight and arranged by Duncan Mullins except for London Fog. which was produced by Kevin Knowles in Bartlesville, OK.

These songs were originally a collection of tunes recorded as just vocals and guitar over a 40-year period when I had to pretty much leave music to help raise seven children.