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Tom is enjoying his International Red Carpet Music Award for Best American Original Song by a Male. Check out the news story here: Bartlesville Radio » News » Tom Davis Wins International Music Award.

Tom recently received 10 more nominations for International Red Carpet Awards for Independent Artists for their show set for August 2024, in Holland.

Tom is busy on the road with The Constantine Records Showcase featuring Jeff Tatum /Palomino Moon and Becky Sparkman as well as performing Solo Shows.

CANVAS REBEL Magazine recently wrote a short feature on Tom.



Tom Davis

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Each song on SIXTY-TWO has been nominated for an International Red Carpet Music Award. SIXTY-TWO was recorded and produced at Hilltop Studio in Nashville, TN by Adam Knight and arranged by Duncan Mullins except for London Fog, which was produced by Kevin Knowles.

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I became a recording artist at Constantine Records, was nominated for seven International Red Carpet Music Awards winning one) and became a member of the Constantine Records Showcase tour all in about year. 

But there’s a story behind all this. I took off nearly 40 years of performing to help raise seven kids prior to all this. 

In early 2022, I put some songs up on YouTube for the kids for the time when I would eventually pass. Wouldn’t you know? A record company put some of those stripped-down old songs out on the market.  I was as surprised as anyone when folks started buying them.

This led to performing at higher end venues and doing more stage shows as well as the Oklahoma State Fair.

I have been busy lately with the concerts. I have recorded a fully produced album in Nashville, TN at Hilltop Studio. I just wrapped up my portion of the 66 KIX Tours and I am on the road with Jeff Tatum and Palomino Moon and Becky Sparkman. 

We'll see what the future hold, but for now, I am just having a ball and you are invited to share ride!


The International Red-Carpet Awards in Holland in 2023 presented me with Best Americana Original Song- Male “Long Distance.”

I have been nominated for 10 more such awards from IRCMA for their 2024 show.

ICMA DJ of the Year 1990,91, 92, 93, 94 and 95